Become a Flight Instructor

Our students come from all walks of life. And while many come to us with zero hours of flight time, quite a few also arrive with a wide range of past flight experience.

For those students that have a head start, we offer customized courses to fulfill any and all training requirements you need to complete.

If you already have a previous flight experience that we could credit toward to your professional pilot program training, we are ready to offer you a unique opportunity to develop your aviation experience, pass our standardization training and start your way to be the most experienced aviation specialist who is able to teach the new growing generation of the students how to become a Pilot - to become a Certified Flight Instructor.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Most flight instructors won`t hesitate to tell you that they learned more after becoming a CFI than they did beforehand. Because of this, we work hard to get our students to this point as quickly as possible.

Depending on your status, this typically includes classroom work to prepare for the two exams you`ll need to pass: the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) Exam and the FAA Certified Flight Instructor Knowledge Exam. This will include mastering topics such as the learning process in addition to effective learning and training techniques for the FOI. The Knowledge Exam is an in-depth test of all of the flight aspects our students learn, from instrumental, multi-engine, and complex aircraft to radio communication and aerodynamics.

Normally, though dependent on your experience, we will also include preparations for the CFI Instrument (CFII) certification as well as for the Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) certification.

Prepare your own Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan needs to include everything that will be covered in the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS). We will help you determine the best way to introduce concepts, provide relevant information and tips, as well as an evaluation method.

Next, you`ll practice instructing! You`ll be flying with a more experienced instructor and taking them on as a pretend student. This will involve demonstrating maneuvers, coaching your `student` through the maneuver, and then evaluating their performance.

pass The Check-rides


Once you've passed the written exams, gone through the lesson plans preparation, and conducted practice instruction, it's time for the Checkride with your FAA Examiner.

As each examiner is different, we`ll make sure you are as prepared as possible and can over-explain any aspect under the sun. So far we are proud to say that the most our students pass their check rides and written tests with the passing rate of more than 80% from the first trial.

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Degree Program

The steps above usually take our students 12-18 months to accomplish; after this, they may head to the degree program with our partnership Universities and Colleges. and getting from 23 up to 40* credits toward to your Aviation degree  This may take about another 12-24 months and leads to the last stage: jet transition training.

Multi-Engine Instructor > Degree Program > Ground School & Examination >Jet Transition Training >Jet Aircraft Type Rating

* Depends on the rules and requirements of the Degree providing Institution.

Pelican students life

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